Living in Hell is a captivating insider's account of life in the Islamic theocracy of Iran as seen through the eyes of a woman. It relates how a government uses the name of God to manipulate and suppress people, especially women, in the most barbaric ways.
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"Ghazal, you are a brave woman."

--- Fox Heartland National with John Kasich
Fox Heartland

"Living in Hell is a moving, even haunting account of the life of a Muslim woman in Islamic Iran under the oppressive rule of ruthless mullahs. The reader encounters the Islamic revolution, the American hostage crisis, and devastating eight year Iran/Iraq war through the eyes of a woman simultaneously dealing with personal abuse within a dysfunctional, polygamous family. Her book offers a valuable contrast between the true Islam of sensitive souls like Ghazal, and the flawed and militant theocracy enforced by the harsh government of Iran. Although her outspokenness against the degrading treatment of women was not welcome in her society, such outspokenness has given her a sense of mission, to try and salvage the glorious Persian culture which has been so harmed by the Mullahs she assails. Living in Hell is a must read for everyone seeking to understand the Islamic world and its effects on a post- 9/11 world. "

--- Rabbi Shmuley
Boteach host of TLC's "Shalom in the Home," and
Best-selling author of "Judaism for Everyone."

"Ghazal provides an extraordinary look into the plight of the Iranian people. Her incredible inner strength and passion for the truth should inspire others to speak out for human rights, and provoke change in an unfair society. Oppressed women continue to be the most significant portion of our population ready for positive change. Ghazal clearly indentifies the beauty of the Iranian people and their best hope for the future."

---Marc Bernier

"The legendary Talk Show host on Talk Radio 680 WCBM says:

Ghazal Omid is a warrior for freedom in the international war against terrorism. She is living proof that 'the pen can be mightier then the sword.'"

---Tom Marr

"Through reading your book, my heart dropped in reminder of how women are still brutalized around the world for no other reason than cowardice. We are feared for the radiant power within us, which still exists under the chador and in captivity, no matter how thick and dark it is. I thank you for your superb chronicle of the challenge and the victory. With such a debut, I can only imagine what you have in store for your readers next!"

--- Cross, Candi
Author, former editor at Writer's Digest Books & Contributor to Chicago Tribune, Atlanta GA

"To the Western reader, this book offers a glimpse into the harshness of women's life in an Islamic country, a country scarred by dictatorship and revolution as well as by poverty and backwardness. Ghazal Omid's terrifying life story encapsulates all the extraordinary elements of growing up in the 'East', in far-away lands of which Westerners know very little. Unfortunately, this is not an extraordinary story. On the contrary, it is, sadly, a common tale of women's suffering in Muslim and non-Muslim countries...
This deeply disturbing feeling of insecurity is the final message of the book, a feeling shared by those who, like Ghazal Omid, have lived through major political upheaval and have fled their country and their past seeking shelter. It is through their eyes that we must revisit 9/11, because they saw in it something that many of us, born and raised in the West, have failed to understand: the danger of a life constantly threatened by terrorism, darkened by religious fundamentalism, scarred by poverty and ignorance. Their advice to us is to open up our eyes, to confront the enemy and find a solution as soon as possible. And to them we must today turn for advice and hope about our future."

--- Loretta Napoleoni, Modern Jihad